Table Tops

Table Tops

We exclusively use ChromaLuxe substrate for our table tops because they are the leader in high-definition surfaces that are the most vibrant, durable and will last a lifetime. Their manufacturing technology uses the latest technology to produce the highest quality specially coated sheets of metal for accepting dye sublimation process images. As a result, every image is turned into a vibrant work of art that would rival any photographic image.

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Chromaluxe table tops are an outstanding option for customizing residential or commercial furniture. Your desired image will be infused into durable coating that will provide a vibrant, scratch-resistant image that will last a lifetime.

ChromaLuxe table tops start with a ¾ inch thick moisture-resistant board that is banded with a black acrylic edging before going through the sublimation process. They are available in four standard sizes – squares of approximately 24 and 30 inches across and rounds of the same sizes.

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